Professor Gatti has published a variety of texts on banking and finance areas and has acted as a consultant to several financial and non-financial institutions and for the Italian Ministry of the Economy. Project Finance in Theory and Practice, 2nd EditionForeword by William L. MegginsonPrefaceAcknowledgmentsAbout the AuthorChapter 1 Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Project FinanceChapter 2 The Market for Project Finance: Applications and the SectorsChapter 3 Project Characteristics, Risk Analysis and Risk ManagementChapter 4 The Role of Advisors in a Project Finance Deal (Stefano Gatti, Massimo Novo, Fabio Landriscina and Mark Pollard)Chapter 5 Valuing the Project and Project Cash Flow Analysis (Stefano Gatti)Chapter 6 Financing the Deal (Stefano Gatti)Chapter 7 Legal Aspects of Project Finance (Massimo Novo)Chapter 8 Credit Risk in Highlander: No Ordinary School Finance Transactions and New Basel Capital Accord (Stefano Gatti)Case StudiesCase Study 1 CogenerationCase Study 2 Italy Water System (Stefano Gatti, Daniele Corbino, Alessandro Steffanoni)Appendix to Case Study 2: Structure and Functioning of the Simulation ModelCase Study 3: Hong Kong Disneyland Project Loan Glossary and AbbreviationsReferencesIndexQuotes and reviews"Professor Gatti offers the reader an original viewpoint combining rigorous theory with constant reference to market best practices. Its presentation of practical examples and cases makes it a great teaching tool.

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